Quality and certifications

Certified quality

The expertise acquired in over 35 years of business and continual investment into measuring instruments and computerised statistical support systems allows Fiorese Giovanni to foresee any potential production problems before initiating the production phase.

The pieces are monitored on board the machine during the production process with state of the art instruments that are periodically verified to allow the company to identify right from the outset any previously unforeseen faults.

Where requested, post-production ordinary, reduced or fortified sampling of the pieces produced is available, along with the issue of a final report if required. This company management system has been certified since 1999 according to ISO 9001 standard. All products supplied conform to Reach and RoHS regulations for electrical equipment.

Fiorese Giovanni has implemented the principles of Lean Production, ensuring conformity with the high quality standards demanded by its customers, something which has always been a company trademark.

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