A past full of successes

“Fiorese Giovanni” was started at Bassano del Grappa in 1975 in the family garage, founded upon the courage, spirit of sacrifice and dedication of Giovanni Fiorese and his wife. The two original parallel lathes were soon joined by others and caused the first move to a more sizeable workshop.

In 1986 the eldest son Daniel entered the business and the same period also saw the arrival of the first numerically controlled machines.

In 1990 with the transfer to Cassola for logistic reasons the business grew even further in size and a program was undertaken to update all obsolete machinery, which was completed in 1996 when the company legal structure changed from an “s.n.c” to become the limited company Fiorese Giovanni s.r.l., marking the strategic conversion from artisan operation to an industrial enterprise.

In 1999 the company achieved quality management system certification, the same year in which the definitive transfer was made to the new factory with a working area of 2,500 m².

With the aim of ensuring greater precision and safety in an increasingly demanding market, the business strategy was one of strengthening the policy on quality, safety and regard for the environment, steadfast principles of the company today.

The company now has a workforce of 15 employees, 19 numerically controlled lathes that are safe, precise and versatile, one machining centre and various ancillary equipment all under a 3,600 m² covered area. The factory has recently undergone the installation of a 255 kW solar energy system supplying 70% of the energy consumed with 189,190 kg of CO² emissions avoided equalling 5,675.67 tons over 30 years.